X-Cam WallBuilder Preview

I'm working on an additional tool for X-Cam.

If you want to know more details, please watch the following video ;-)

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X-Cam Update 1.21 released

Today I've finished the X-Cam update 1.21.


X-Cam update 1.21 overview:


- Object layer is automaticly activated if you start X-Cam
- Last used object class is automaticly reloaded if you restart X-Cam
- Expand the object list view
- Expand the object types list view
- Expand the object classes list view

- Wrong list entry deleted after the use of the delete brush
- Object detection no working correctly, after you have pressed the key [ V ]
- Some buttons disabled after the saving process
- The function "Import mission objects" was broken


Download version 1.21

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X-Cam Version 1.2 released

I am pleased to announce that the new version was completed today :-)


X-Cam Version 1.2 update overview:


New: DayTime switch
New: Turbo mode
New: Improved loading time (up to 6x faster)
New: Reworked and optimized Search function

New: Reworked object detection methode
New: Additional Brush options
New: Extended SingleBrush functions

New: Geometry detection mode

New: Various Hide functions
New: Restore function
New: MultiBrush configurations
New: Additional MultiBrush option
New: Find duplicates function
New: Extended restricted movement option
New: Pitch & Bank function
New: HideBrush for map objects
New: Import static mission objects
New: Save object names


... and of course fixed some minor bugs.


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X-Cam update 1.2 around the corner

Hi, first I have to say sorry ... the developement of the new version takes longer as planned :(


Now I'm ready with all the new tutorial videos (6 parts) and the next step is to render all the videos and load them up to youtube. Then we have a final look into the new version (quicktest@taunus) and I hope that all the new functions are working. So, the update is around the corner ;)

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"Jumplink" collection available

I am pleased to announce that from now on a "Jump link" collection is available.

This means you can jump immediately to a corresponding point within a tutorial video,

depending on which topic you have choosen.

Please follow the link below to learn how it works:


JumpLink collection


Many thanks to  the creator MemphisBelle.

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